Market entry Germany

Germany is one of the most attractive markets for the development of renewable energies. However, complex permitting processes and a lack of digitalization, which limits access to important data,  make the market entry difficult for new or international project developers. provides all necessary data and functions for efficient project development in Germany, thus reducing market entry barriers.

Regional expansion within Germany

To achieve the ambitious deployment goals for renewable energy capacities, many developers are striving to apply their expertise beyond their previous regional focus areas. However, this is hindered by heterogeneous data sources and a complex policy landscape in Germany. helps to overcome these obstacles by offering nationwide data coverage.

Efficient assessment of sites

Land acquirers often lack access and/or time to thoroughly check potential sites for possible conflicts. The time loss can result in a lost customer or lead.

With, acquirers can easily and thoroughly examine check sites and generate structured reports automatically within a few seconds.

Relief for the GIS department

GIS departments spend a lot of time extracting, updating, and processing geospatial data. This is further compounded by the heterogeneous data landscape in Germany. relieves GIS experts by providing all relevant data for site assessment automatically. Additionally, various analysis functions are available to facilitate and automate site assessments.

Improve teamwork

In project development, various internal and external stakeholders are involved, requiring regular exchange of complex information. Communication issues are one of the main reasons for delays in project progress. connects various internal and external stakeholders, enabling efficient collaboration. Acquisition, preliminary checks, detailed assessments, connection planning, communication, and more - all on one platform.
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